He's Here!




7lbs 10oz



So as you know I have been having contractions forever now. Had them this morning like normal and within about 20 minutes they got so bad I knew it was time to go. Left the house around 11:15am. Driving to the hospital and I literally was taking off my underwear thinking I wasn't going to make it. Got off the exit and the road to turn down to the hospital was closed. My husband really started freaking then cause I told him I don't have much longer. We went to the only entrance we saw and drove into the employee parking lot. We couldn't find out how to get to the other side so my husband parked by the building and ran to security. As this is going on I have turned on all fours trying not to push but pushing at the same time. They ran out and said it would take less than 2 minutes to drive to the other side. I knew I wasn't going to make it. My water than broke and he started crowing. They have now called L&D triage and they are rushing down to get me. I crawl onto the wheel chair ass in the air with the nurse trying to cover my vagina cause he's coming. They are running down the hall yelling at people to move. Got me into the room and on the bed. With a couple pushes he was out.