(AVM) Aneurism

Sydney • I am 14 and I live in big sky Montana !!!
Ok this is how I am going to start of my story my name is Sydney Ellis. I am 14. I had an  brain AVM/ Anyerism when I was around 10 years old. So ,I was in 4th and I am in 8th grade. But,that isn't the reason I am telling you this. The reason is because I want to educate all of you on an AVM. They have a lot of danger if you dont know what they are. They are when a vessel pops In your brain. If you didn't know the middle of your brain is halo and if a vain grow in it that
vessel will pop. I have a teacher at my school she is a 7th grade PE teacher and her son died last year during his lunch break at Walmart and was found dead on the floor in the break room. And so , That isn't the only thing I wanted to tell you. If blood touches your brain you will slowly become brain dead and then die. I was the lucky one of the 3 other kids because one can't walk the other one can't talk and the last one is can't do either of these things.But, I was the only lucky one so if you love anyone of these kinds of people all September long you can raise money for the kind of kids who have had this happen. If you want to know what color brain AVM s are  auburn red ribbon.