water on evap myth tested

Jackie • wife | mama x 3 | life luvah | 🌈 due 1•1•2020
I had what appears to be an evap on a walmart hpt. This test was taken 5 days before and the photo was over the 10 minute mark...
After reading way too much information on Evans online, I came across a "water test" that helps with these results. Basically it said to drop a few drops of water into the area you would your urine and if the line 2nd line completely dispersed it was an evap. If it stays it could possibly be a legit 2nd line. 
Of course, I am obsessive and apparently have waaaaay too much time on my hands so I attempted to test this theory. 
Here are my results...
I wanted to try this expiriement and just have this out there for others. I'm not in any way proving it's validity. And I almost burned this test after to avoid any further craziness lol