This is my story ♡

When I was 8 years old, I watched as my dad got in an ATV accident and went into a coma in front of me on a street. For 10 days he was in the ICU in a coma and then the 8 months after that, he didn't know anyone or anything... From this accident I suffered from anxiety and PTSD. I would wake up screaming and not being able to breathe in the middle of the night... I have had these problems for 10 years now and had never told any of my boyfriends because I was afraid they would judge me and tell me I was lying or I was saying it for attention.... My boyfriend I am with right now, he has been the best guy ive ever had and he has helped me through every anxiety attack and PTSD nightmare... He has truly made everything easier. He convinced me to get therapy help and thanks to him I havent had a PTSD nightmare in One year as of today ♡♡♡♡ beyond blessed to have someone like him to help me through it all and make my life so much better.