Thank God for Target brand diapers!

I loved pampers brand diapers but I wanted to find some a bit cheaper that were still as good. I tried Walmart's brand parent's choice and they gave my baby a rash and I had quite a few blow outs and leaks. Luvs were better but fit my baby weird and I still had some blow outs and they also would fall off if she wiggled too much in them. I found Targets Up & Up brand and I LOVE THEM! not only did they keep everything inside (I have used a whole box and not one blow out or leak!) They are soft and do not irritate my baby's skin. They are chlorine free and also have the wetness indicator. A box of 108 Newborn is $14.99 at my target and my nephew uses size 4 which has 144 for $24.99 and he breaks out in a rash in every other diaper besides these and pampers sensitive. Also my baby is not very chunky she weighed 6lbs3oz and is long and thin but my nephew is a huge 1 year old with the chunkiest tummy and legs etc. These diapers fit them both perfectly and are stretchy and the sticky pads are very strong and do not break or detach from them moving around. I hope this helps anyone who is looking for a good cheap alternative. I know every baby is different but they work amazing for both my baby and her cousin.