my baby has just been born 9 days early 😍

Omg what a fantastic crazy day!! Not due until 3rd Dec but I got so fed up I tried inserting primrose oil capsules yesterday. Today I was stood in my mums house drinking tea and laughed as I thought I was wearing myself (about 3.30pm) got home and BAMM intense pains and a show. Waited for husband to get home from work, he flew me to hospital at 5.30 where I was 5cm dilated, for straight in the birthing pool and delivered at 6.37 😳 1 hour in hospital and he was here!! It was so Much faster second baby. I went from saying 'ooh ther s a lot of pressure in my bum' to looking down and he just shot out in the water 🙈 only had gas and air and birth went so good! Bit of blood loss and dizziness after so I'm staying in tonight. But welcome to the world my gorgeous 9 day early Maxwell Noel Foster weighing 7lb 2 💙💙