pregnant? please respond!

Ok so my last period ended on October 30th, and I had sex on the 5th. Now, about 7 days ago I had some pretty bad cramping, it was like a tingly but like prodding kind of cramping. It was only this one day, and then it stopped. My breaths hurt (not like CRAZY, but if I touch them they feel a bit sore) and are quite veiny. My back and hips are sore as well. I have been feeling sick lately, with just a cough and sniffles, so that could explain why I am crazy tired. Eggs were making me feel nauseous the other day, and then today I was DYING to have some eggs. I have been using the bathroom a lot, and have been dizzy too. I know I need to test, so don't just say "take a test" in the comments. My period isn't due for a week, so it probably would be too early to test. Please tell me what you think is going on, and if it is too early to test. Thank you!