Sex is boring

Samantha • Mommy to one beautiful little girl 9/06/2016💗 In love ❤ 12-04-12 Birthday 07/31/1996 😝🎊🎉
Hello lady's! I'm hoping that you all could help me out with something. I'm 20 years old and have been with my fiancé for 4 years in 10 days. We just welcomed a beautiful baby girl into this world on September 6th and we haven't had sex for 6 months. It's not just because of being pregnant and having a baby, it was kind of like this before I got pregnant. Sex just doesn't seem like any fun to me, it feels like he just goes in, does his business and goes to sleep. I'm wondering what we could do to make sex more enjoyable for both of us? We were each others first so we aren't super educated on things. I slept with one other guy while my fiancé and I were separated a couple of years ago but i still don't know what I would like. Any opinions or suggestions would be much appreciated! The picture below is of my little family 😊