My little Turkey was born today at 6:25pm weighting 8lb 5oz he was two weeks early

  My little Turkey was born today at 6:25pm weighting 8lb 5oz he was two weeks early. I went for my regular doctor's appointment on Tuesday and my blood pressure was higher than normal. It had been running high since about 33 weeks. They ordered a 24 hour urine test, to test the levels of protein. So on the day before Thanksgiving I return my urine to the doctor and later on that night she called back with the test results and stated that I would need to deliver as soon as possible. Due to my protein level being extremely high. My husband and I were hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year so you could understand the feelings we were having after receiving the news. We made our arrangements for our other two boys and headed to the hospital. Once we were finally checked in I was given cervdel to help thin out my cervix because I was only one centimeter dilated. On Thanksgiving morning at 6:30am I was given pitocin to start labor. Contractions started to get rough around 10am. Doctor checked me again, I was then 3 centimeters so he broke my water. I received my epidural at 1pm and labor until he arrived at 6:30 pm. I am very thankful to have my little Turkey here in my arms. He's a little mean but I expected that. He was very big for me to only be 38 weeks so they will have to check his sugar and get 3 normal reading before we can be released. I am very glad that he came early and very heathy because I don't think I would be able to handle a 10 pound baby. Delivery was very easy with no stitches. Thank you for taking the time to read my experience. 
Kairo Jacob Vance 11/24 6:25pm 21 inches in length