anxiety, ups and downs, first appointment 11 weeks.. 2 sacs 1 baby??


So few day ago finally managed to get to an obgyn. Just moved back to dfw, and since everything changed within the health market.. became so much harder to find an obgyn, but finally did after calling many from online searches in Dallas. I've been wanting to schedule much sooner to find alternatives to the meds I'm taking... which most I've been able to ween off of.. but having issues with the klonopin. Have bad social anxiety, depression, among many other issues.

Anyways, while at my first appointment with my fiancé... (sorry I ramble novels often lol) That was just ah so awkward all the questions and I couldn't talk made things so much harder, but glad my other half is a people person... and really glad the obgyn and the staff was completely patient and understanding with me. This isn't my first, 3rd actually.. so you'd think I'd know the drill by now and chill out. hah. I mentioned to her first miscarriage in my life past February then this Halloween I freaked out from brownish smears and immediately went to the ER thinking I was having a miscarriage. They did an ultrasound and thought I noticed 2 sacs, which wasn't zoomed in much but fiancé and I both questioned ourselves.

So while at my obgyn appointment she did a transvaginal ultrasound.. and I clearly saw 2 sacs zoomed in. She asked my fiancé and I to hold on and she'd be right back, he was already in a panic as his first baby, years ago was a stillborn... so he's been a nervous wreck when I told him I'm pregnant. The main Dr came in to verify things I was so confused worried... my anxiety was through the roof and couldn't fully listen. :( But fiancé explained it afterwards to me in the car about the Dr saying it's a possible vanishing twin... I've never experienced this before so didn't know how to react what to say think.. but cried. He reassured me it's okay as they clearly saw 1 healthy baby with a heart rate around 167.. but still just seeing ultrasound photos then read online about it... calmed me down some. They asked me to come back in 2 weeks to check on things. Sorry for this being long.. Thought I'd just throw it all out there at once. Get on here enough, just haven't said much.. been too down lately with so much.. But I'll leave it at that.. Anyone else gone through this, any insight?

Thank you.