Does anyone else get mad whenever moms talk about eating unhealthy while pregnant?

Natasha • The boy we used this app to help conceive is now 14 months old and GORGEOUS!
I had one mom talk to me about drinking Starbucks hot chocolate everyday and another post picture almost daily going through McDonalds. Ignore for a moment what you're doing to your own body. Think of the baby! It's scientifically proven that a mothers eating habits while pregnant will determine the habits of the baby as an adult. YOU are your child's ONLY "first start". I'm sorry, but I just find it so selfish when people eat so poorly. Don't give me the "but I had a healthy pregnancy. Everything that's healthy changes every few years", crap. Eat fruits, veggies, good meat and drink water. Enjoy yourself occasionally, but eating toxic crap everyday is just NOT okay. If you want to ruin your body, whatever. Give your child a fighting chance at a healthy lifestyle. 

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