quickest birth ever.

Finally awake enough to post our story! 
Monday we went to the Maternal Fetal dr for our weekly biophysical profile due to having gestational diabetes.. 37 weeks 2 days. We had been scheduled to be induced two weeks later on the 4th of December.. however, baby girl was showing that she had only gained 6oz in the last two weeks. Apparently her placenta was maturing too quickly. This caused her umbilical cord to not be giving her enough nutrients as efficiently as it should've.. because of this they turn to me and say.. "I think we should go ahead and get her out!" 😳 so that night Monday the 21st we went into the hospital at 10 pm.. they checked and I was only MAYBE dilated to a 1.. they inserted a vaginal suppository to help soften and get things rolling and in a favorable position for delivering the following day.. this was repeated again and even after that 8 hour span I hadn't dilated at all!! I was contracting though! So at 7:30 Tuesday morning the 22nd my dr came in and broke my water and started the pitocin.. the contractions immediately were so bad I was screaming and in literal agony.. my poor hubs arms are covered in finger nail cuts & bruises lol by 8:45 I was begging for my epidural! They completed the epidural around 9 am! I barely had time for it to kick in all the way that they checked me and I was OVER 10! (Yeah.. like 1.5 hours post starting the meds) we started to push!! I was so ready to get it over with at this point because of how intense the contractions were! I was only getting maybe 20 seconds in between them! Once pushing we ran into another problem, baby girl was laying on her cord.. with every push her heart rate dropped! They decided we needed a csection ASAP! We rolled into the OR at 9:44 and baby girl was born at 9:47AM! 
Total active labor from water breakage to baby girl crying: 2.25 hours 😬 in was the most intense day of my life 
Norah Anne Metts 
Born weighing 5lbs 10oz 
19 inches long 
November 22, 2016
November 22nd is both her grandpa's birthday and my grandmother (my grandmother)'s birthdays!! How special! 💕