baby wont stop crying

A 💕
can someone give me some tips on what to do when your baby is crying for no reason.. in the evening or usually between 8-11pm my baby just cries and nothing calms her. Even if she is fed, been changed, not hot or cold she will still cry. We always burp her and she has infacol to help with being gassy. she refuses her dummy and we have tried feeding her (she is bottle fed) to make sure she isnt still hungry and she just pushes the bottle away and refuses that too. if you lay her down she cries, if you pick her up she still cries, and it can go on for around 2 hours. Health visitor said its normal, but doesnt stop it being inconvienient and also very upsetting for me as i feel like im doing something wrong because i cant settle her no matter what. Anyone else have any experience or ideas?