Vinegar poops ... Help

Kara • Married 04/24/15 -- 🇨🇦SAHM -x- Beautiful girl 09/09/16 -x- -x- Rainbow due Aug 2019 -x-

My daughter is 11 weeks old and for two days she has had vinegar smelling poop. She also had one diaper with a tiny bit of blood in it, like almost not noticable. Her poop is still yellow sometimes with flecks of green.

She is EBF and has no real other symptoms. She coughs often but always has, since birth.

She's really started to drool and mouth things this week, could that be the reason? Its the only real change I've seen, and there has been no change in my diet.

Google has assured me that she is probably dying and now I'm totally freaking out.

We're going to the doctor in the morning.