What do I do?

Hello again it's me Kate. I'm sorry about my last post please understand I am young and not even out of college yet, I'm not meaning to be stupid or sound totally uneducated in sex and pregnancy. I took many peoples advice and took a pregnancy test, I took it at my house, where I thought I was alone it turned out my roomate slept through her alarm she walked into our bathroom and saw me taking it. I started crying, she left me in the bathroom, I finished the test and I walked into her bedroom. She yelled at me for being stupid, but I just hugged her, because she might've been really annoying and sometimes very nosy but she was my best friend and I loved her. She hugged me back I asked her to check it for me. It digitally said I was pregnant I took another test that I had, another digital pregnant. I don't know what to do now. How will I tell my boyfriend? Should we get married now? What about my roomate? Please answer nicely and again I apologize for my first post.