could I be pregnant?!??


So my period was due the 18th of this month and it keeps re predicting when it will start because I keep logging it hasn't showed up. This'll be at least the 3rd or 4th time it's re predicted. It's saying I should start tomorrow but I just feel so emotionally fucked up the past week. One minute it's rage, the next I'm crying over not getting my way w something small. I'm not talking normal anger, like I feel like ripping someone's face off. I've already tested two days ago and it was negative, buttttt should I go ahead and test again today? My average cycle days are 30 and this one will be 37 if it shows up tomorrow if not, I'm gonna assume I'm pregnant cause I've only had one other 37 day cycle and that was back in June when I was stressing ALOT . I've been cramping quite a bit the past few days, very achy, and my boobs are real swollen. My periods will usually only repredict once, it's never had me do it 4 different times.... someone help 😅😅😅