Needing to vent

So my husband and I are 22 and are expecting. I have a strenuous full time job and he has a mildly sedentary part time job. I don't care so much, because I am doing what I love daily. But, what I love takes a toll on me lately with being pregnant, doing all of the chores, taking care of our dog, and school work. My husband literally doesn't do anything unless I tell him to. He doesn't just see that the trash needs to be thrown or that he can easily put his dirty dish in the dishwasher or much less pick up his shoes. He has 4 pairs in the living room. None of this annoyed me until I got pregnant. I told him tons of times that I can't be his mom anymore and that he needs to start taking responsibility for his own chores and he needs to clean up after himself. I have no idea what to do about this anymore and now that our baby is coming I feel it'll only get worse or stay the same. How do I get through to him? I mean he doesn't even take care of our bills. I constantly have to keep our finances together because if I left it up to him we would over draw daily and none of the bills would get paid. We've already had talks about this, and I've even given him ultimatums. What else is there to try?