Tired of my grandma/live in nanny....

Hey everyone!
So my daughter is almost 11 months old. It's been about 6 months since I've returned to work and since then, my fiancé and I have had his grandmother living with us to care for the little one while we are at work. It's getting the the point that I am becoming extremely sick of living with someone besides my daughter and hubby... the grandma has good intentions and is a good person but I am an introvert and a person who needs a lot of personal space. I can't function the way I like to when someone is constantly by my side... I also feel like I am not able to bond as deeply with my daughter when she's around because she constantly interrupts and joins while I am trying to get my one on one time with my baby. I don't do things around the house like I should because I avoid her... often after work I shut my daughter and myself in my bedroom to hang out to avoid having my daughter taken out of my arms... other times, I leave the house. like I said, she has good intentions and I should be thankful I have someone who loves my daughter caring for her but I'm tired and filled with anxiety when I'm home. When I'm home from work, I want my baby to be ALL MINE!!! Call me selfish but I don't want to share her on the weekends!!!!
I guess what I am asking is if it's right of me to speak to my hubby about my feelings and to suggest making different arrangements for childcare? Or is it me that has issues and I should just learn to cope with living with her?