Pregnant but partner seems to not want it 😧

We've discovered I'm pregnant, 17+4 weeks today. My other half has a 5 year plan on place and doesn't want the baby because he says we're not in a situation to have one although we're financially stable and we have our own home. He wants to go to uni and eventually become a paramedic. He's told me it's my own body so I decide where I go from here but he's made it very clear he doesn't want a baby. 
I know I want to keep the baby, I couldn't come to terms with terminating the baby, especially not at this stage. I would end up resenting him and it would break us apart if I ever went through with it. 
How can I make him see that we can do this, and how can I make him see everything in a different light? 
All I want is for him to want the baby. I thought the scan would make it all change for him but he still told me after that he still doesn't want me to have it. 🙁🙁 
I feel torn!!!