cycle buddies? Around 6th-10th December

Hi! Just wondering if there are any cycle buddies out there for me. Excuse the wide range in dates but it's all a bit of guess work this month. Had a positive HPT 24th October with my third baby but unfortunately that resulted in a ruptured ectopic pregnancy and the removal of my right Fallopian tube 2nd November. Wasn't technically trying to fall pregnant but wasn't stopping myself either. Was using opk's to test if my body had returned to normal hormonally and had a positive OPK last Tuesday, classic ovulation pains Wednesday! We had DTD the day before my positive OPK so decided that we'd see how it went this month (we also DTD the next 3 nights so I think we are probably covered!) 
I'm guessing my period will arrive somewhere between 6th and 10th but I'm aware cycles can change after ectopics, but I am definitely in the two week wait and so excited and hopeful! 
Cycle buddies would be fab to keep me sane in this period of waiting!!