Am I being played??!?!

this guy is really attractive and I'm really into him because hes really sweet and dorky and makes me laugh. But, sometimes he doesnt talk to me for the whole day or a couple. He refuses to get my number (even when i drop hints) but he says really nice shit. He says "i dont want to do anything with you becauss i want to get to know you", " you have literally the nicest body of anyone I know", "you always smile which makes me smile" and says "talking to you makes me really happy" we have only been talking for a little over a week and we officially met at my birthday party and he was invited to 4 real parties during. He told them no and forced his friends to stay but he doesnt seem to be making a huge effort. He says stuff like I miss you and I wish you were here with me. He isnt being sketch and asking for pics or to hook up or anything. the most fboiii thing hes said was I'm really down to cuddle and makeout. idk i think i just cant believe ot and want to be cautious. I asked him if we could be a thing and he said "Yes. I would" but later  when I told him what we did would be determined on our future he said what do you want. "I want us to be a thing bc I like you but I'm down for fwb if you dont" and he said "I havent known you long enough for us to be a thing so I think FWB would be a good start" and later he said he just wants to take it slow. SO I'm REALLY CONFUSED AND I HAVE NO CLUE IF I'm BEING PLAYED. YALL HELP ME PLEASE.