URGENT pill & poop? tmi but in urge need of advice

Okay so I take my pill at 9 Pm each night and have been doing so every day since I started it two week ages. Last night after I took my pill, at about 9:10pm I had to poop like any normal human being so I did. It wasn't watery runny, but it was just soft and in a normal shape. Then this morning I had a similar poop (about 12pm) 
Tell me this isn't diarrhoea and that I am still fully protected. It's not uncommon fir me to have poops like this and I didn't eat anything that could have upset my stomach so I'm just saying it's a normal passage. I guess I'm just so over thinking everything since I started the pill, but I'm protected right? 
I'm planning on having sex today and need to know if I'm still protected.