Daughters grandma always hints that her family is better?

I have a 17 month old daughter. Her dad and I arent together and we seem to co parent well. He has a gf that also helps with my daughter when im not around which ive grown to be okay with. So anyways his family helps out alot between me going to college and work. All of my family lives in New Jersey and my mom lives in Texas while its only me and my daughter in Georgia. I live with my godmom who has 7 children and we have a cute dog. My daughters grandma is always saying disrespectful things about my family. After my daughters first birthday party she made a comment to me and said "the last time i checked you didnt have any biological family at the party" and that's when i expressed myself respectfully. My daughter is with their family throughout the week more than shes with me sometimss because of school and they found out she had scalp ringworm so shes like does any kids have it and do you guys wash the dog etc.. I didnt say anything that time about it. Wednesday the day before thanksgiving she had my daughter and i told her to drop my daughter off at home with my godfamily... So shes like i only know your godmom, i dont know them other people and i dont feel comfortable. So my godbrother just turned 18 and i told her he'd watch her and she's like i dont feel comfortable with her leaving her with 2 grown men which was my godbrother and my godmoms husband... And i was so mad but i was at work so i couldnt go off on her. My daughters grandmas boyfriend is a sex offender and she has the nerve to try my family all the time like theyre disgusting people. Just because they're not biological they are family to me. My godmom has taken care of me alot and is always there for me. So anyways someone please help me with talking to my daughters grandma about her insults?