Things I wish I never bought!

A 💕
Everyone is different of course, but these things I personally feel like I wasted my money on.
-Newborn outfits!!! This is definately the main one. My baby has sooo many cute outfits and tops & leggins and cute patterned socks etc... never worn them. She literally lives in sleepsuits! If we put an outfit on her then we have to put socks and scratch mitts on her, which always fall off anyway, so its just easier for her to be in a sleepsuit. Also, we did try an outfit on her the other day when we went out.. but then she was wrapped in a blanket so no one even saw the outfit! Complete waste until they are a little bit older.
-Nail clippers. Her nails are so soft you can just pick them off yourself.
-Bath seat.. I just hold her in the bath.
-Top and tail set.. i just bath her.
-Bibs.. i know i will get use of them later on, but i was so worried abput having enough bibs, and i havent used a single one
-Nursing pillow. I always forget to grab it when i go to feed her, so i just use a normal pillow thats already on my bed or sofa, does fhe same thing.
-Bottle warmer.. I just boil the kettle and stick the bottle in hot water in a jug for a minute or so.