I'm pregnant 11 weeks and 3 days now and my partner is from China but he is currently lived here in Philippines and he have worked here. I'm 20 years old already and he is 29 years old now. But we are not yet living together because he need earn a lot of money now and we plan to lived together next year when our baby came out. The sad thing is my parents already know about my situation that I am pregnant and I break our rules in our family that before getting pregnant we have to marry first. Then now, here it is my parents wants us married or civil marriage so that my parents have a trust to him that he will not runaway. For me, marriage is not an issues the important for me is having father of my baby that's all. But it's all up to him, because his parents our problem his parents don't agree.Β 
So I need that to explained to my parents his problems and I believe that he loved me and he will not runaway.Β 
before I asked him "when he will go to China again?" he said " i don't know, maybe when baby came out," So im okay with that.
And now, I asked him again "when he will go to china?" He replied " next year, April or May I need visit my parents for 1 week." And I was like so shit and so many what if's came up to my mind... what if I labor that month? Or my parents will get dissapointed again to me first I get pregnant to him second we are not yet married so my parents have doubted and third, I agreed that he will go to China nothing I can sured of.
And I'm so emotional now, I don't know what I'm going to do I'm so hopeless guys. 😞😞 and tonight we argue because of that he said to me " he will not runaway just 1 week visit in China because I have worked here." And in my mind that 'you don't really understand'
Guys, help me please or some advice for this. 😭😭😭 I want to become strong to baby. Please guys. Thank you for all people will read and comment. 😞😞😭😒