Was i turned out by a married couple?! 😭

I met this married couple, they're very nice people. Like really chill and laid back. I met them online (very risky). They asked me could meet me. I was nervous but i went all for it. They picked me up, and we was drinking and smoking. When it got late, she asked me did i want to go home or go to the ROOM with them. I said "yes". We got there and i was really nervous i was quiet as a church mouse. the wife started to take off her clothes and asked me to help her. I complied and then her husband started taking my clothes off. we got into the shower, her husband watched us play with each other for a bit. Then we hit the bed. She took my soul lol. I loved every bit of it. She fuck my life up with the head game she got lol. Now she got me blowing up her phone lol πŸ˜’