my boyfriend is a dick

He Literally just goes "i hope what you got me for my birthday isnt shitty like last year" like wtf who would ever say that to anyone especially their gf. We are in college and 5 hours away last year i sent a cute box all decorated colorfully with confetti, cute letters, candy and snacks to him which cost $50+. Then when i saw him a week later gave him an adidas sweatshirt and a cars. We are in college so i dont have a huge amount of money to spend on him especially since his birthday is 2 weeks from christmas. Last year he got me a necklace and a teddy bear. Which i love both. He claims the necklace is $100 which ik for a fact is a lie - he just said that now i guess to make me feel bae so i spend more on him. Well now for his birthday i got his favorite brands tshirt $30 a beer scented candle $15 his favorite candy and car decal sticker $5 and on top of this a vineyard vines tie 80 down to $30. I justt honestly am so hurt by whathe said and he has no fucking ideea. He is such a selfish asshole and i dont want to give him anything that i spent my money on. Wtf should i do. He doesnt know im upset because hes going to say that it just was a joke. Which i know it wasnt. Plus last year we were about to break ups in ha beginnings of the month. Cause he just doersnt care about anyones feelings. Should i bring it back up or what. I had the best time ever creating the box for him last year it took hours to do. I was so happy/excited for it. Ps he has a job, i do not my parents pay for my stuff since im 19 but i used my personal savings for his "shitty gift".