Getting Mirena


I just have a quick question. I had my son 3 months ago, and tomorrow I am getting the mirena inserted. I am extremely paranoid as I heard good things and bad things so I just wanna hear from my glow ladies if they liked it or not. I'm currently suffering from Postpartum Depression and an anxiety disorder so my doctor said he thinks this is the best birth control to take. So if anyone has the mirena, I'd like to hear how it's working, and if you have any side effects. Thank you ladies!!

** UPDATE ** I went in today, and had it inserted! I thought it was going to be excruciating pain but I did not feel it getting inserted at all! My doctor said that if my body doesn't react well to this birth control, he will take it out right away. I'm really hoping this works because I don't know what else I feel comfortable getting. Thank you for all the responses ladies! You guys really calmed me down before I went in today! I really appreciate it!