Ok so I'm starting to get a little upset, I had my anatomy scan yesterday and was told I'm having a baby girl. The entire time the ultrasound technician, my mother, and I did not see nothing in between those little legs. After we had got home (of course dads mad cuz he wanted a boy lol) I posted my ultrasound pictures for my family and friends who could not be around to share the moment with me. Next thing I kno I have all these random people telling me I'm wrong my doctors are wrong it's a boy because there is a little spot on the ultrasound. At this point I'm getting upset and I need some advice from some experienced mothers. This is my first pregnancy I have made it past 12 weeks without being told something is wrong or I lost it. My entire family is all boys, and I have my heart set on girl because I was told that's wat it is. Im literally dying right now! Someone please help 😪😢