period horror story - any and all advice appreciated

I used to have fairly regular and easy periods. But starting this year they became abnormally irregular and intensely painful. Sometimes I'd have over a month of bleeding and only a week inbetween. The cramps were so awful one time that my doctor scheduled an ultrasound for me to check for cancerous lumps and cysts but my uterus came up healthy. 
My gyno put me on bc to regulate the bleeding but she didn't know what was causing the pain. To make matters worse, I kept bleeding, this time without stop. Some days it was light, almost non existent spotting, other days would be strangely heavy. Besides that, I started cramping again and it was so bad that they scheduled me for another ultrasound and a blood test. I burned my stomach multiple times because I'd heat up rice bags too long because I was so desperate for relief. 
My gyno took me off the bc and put me on a progesterone pill for ten days because she thought my uterus lining was unstable (hence the constant bleeding), like a brick wall without mortar. and the pill would strengthen it. She said I'd have a "normal" period 3-5 days after I took the last progesterone, hopefully without pain, and then I could start bc again.
It's been 26 days since the last progesterone and I just barely started bleeding tonight. It was so light I almost didn't notice it when I wiped. But It's definitely my period because the cramps have started up again and it's almost 5 am and I still can't sleep because of it. I took ibuprofen but it didn't do anything so I just went back and took two more pain reliever pills and I'm laying in bed with a hot bag of rice. Despite that, this actually super mild compared to what I've had to face period-wise as of late. 
I'm thankful my period is here, because not showing up could have been an indication to a bigger problem. But the fact that it was three weeks late at all has me worried, and I can't find any answers on the internet no matter how much I look. Everything I found said after progesterone it should take ten days at the most.
I'll be calling my gyno in the morning to tell her my period started (per her request) and will hopefully find some insight to this bloody mess. (No pun intended.)