...when your husband volunteers for an extra shift.


My hubby is driving me crazy. Our son is 2 months...and all he has known is me. My hubby used all his vacation before our son was born like a dumbass. Even after knowing I was pregnant.

My husband works 2 days 2 nights rotating shifts 12 hours each. So of course he wants baby time before work on nightshifts and freaking gets son all riled up before leaving for work which leads to my son being overtired. And he will only sleep on me. Same when my husband works day shift he always gets him crazy when he gets off work at 7pm. Which normally my son is already asleep then.

Now my hubby was already scheduled 2 extra shifts this week. And volunteered for another shift on saturday after I had already scheduled pictures to get done.

In just tired. I go back to work in January and I just....don't see how this is going to work out. My hubby doesn't even wake up when My son cries at night. Its all me. When we are both home if son wants a bottle my hubby will be like can you make one. And I'm like you can't hold him and make one. What do you think I do everyday? Which ensues a fight.

I need s doctors appointment for multiple Dr appointments and found a new vehicle I need to go look at and I can't even schedule them right because my husband keeps adding shifts on his schedule.

I am just beyond exhausted. And now my son is back to sleeping on me instead of his chair, or bed.

I knew this would happen though when we had a kid...it would br all me. I have even been looking at options where I can't have kids anymore because I cannot do this again. I know I cant.