Are you going to announce when you go in labor?


As a first time mom and newly weds (2 years ago) my hubby and I have decided not to announce when we go into labor, just so we can have our privacy and experience the entire journey from start to finish as our own little family. The hubby started the idea, and I'm completely on board. However, we have a bit of a problem with clingy/excited family members that I'm worried about announcing our request to. I trialed the request on my sister, who took it completely the wrong way, saying she was offended we were shutting her out, etc. She said she'd respect our privacy until we say to come to the hospital, but at least wants the courtesy of getting notified when it all happens. But I don't see why? They're not going to be able to do anything with the info except be glued to their phones for the next update, which could be days.....

My MIL wants to know so she could just come and sit in the waiting room.

Am I being over protective? My gut says don't tell anyone, but I don't want to be dealing with the guilt that will follow...especially with post partum hormones in the mix lol.

Maybe I could just send a group text saying it's happening and say not to invade until we say so, and just hope they listen?