ovulated but AF late ?

Nadine • 👶🏼M.A.W born 23/7/17 - miscarried 15/6/18 - 🌈👶🏼due 13/5/19
Me and my boyfriend have been TTC for a year now and this was our first cycle using OPK
I had a positive OPK on cycle day 19 and could exually feel it happening the next day.
My breast have been sore for over a week now and AF was due monday. 
Since monday i felt some mild cramping and twitching going on and off.
So i expected AF to show up later that day/night.
But she hasn't showed up yet, still have some weird twitching/puling sensation going on. But it's not getting worse. 
My question is, can you skip a period even if you ovulated ? 
I orderd some pregnancy tests online, they should come in today. I will test tomorrow morning ☺️