Meeting my fiances real family

So my fiance was adopted when he was four months old and his parents that adopted never told him he was adopted.. he found out when his biological sister messaged him on Facebook and little while after he turned 18. He's 21 now and we've just recently starting finding his biological family. Come to find out he has a huge ass family and has been friends with some of his cousins for years, I've been friends with his uncle for years since him and I went to school together. Well we met his sister last year at my baby shower and met his grandparents a few weeks ago then last night brought our daughter to meet them. They fell absolutely in love with her which is a relief because the family that adopted him is judgmental asshats and want nothing to do with me or our baby since I got pregnant at 18 and apparently ruined my fiances life in their eyes. His biological family is amazing and not at all judgmental people. I love them to bits and cent wait to meet the rest of his family. We don't know who his dad is because his mother slept around and he also has a younger brother that we're looking for. All three of his mother's kid got taken by the state because she was making awful decisions.. my fiance is iffy about meeting his mom because of what the report said about how he was when he got taken but the grandfather said no matter what she was on there's no way she was the entire reason the kids were the way they were.. he thinks she had a boyfriend that didn't treat them right but he doesn't know because they barely talk since he has 14 kids. I know she loves him because when the father talked to her the other day and mentioned him meeting her older son she broke down in tears on the phone. My fiances life is basically a soap opera. Anyways..after this long ass story here is a photo of our daughter with her great grandfather from last night.