Late period... that eventually came! STOP STRESSING!

My period was 11 days late!!! I didn't have a November period at all and was worrying like hell even though I only have protected sex. For all the super worried folks out there (the ones that don't want to be pregnant of course) just relax and listen to your bodies. I started worrying around 6 days late so my stress pushed me 5 days back! I also say listen to your body because I had no symptoms of pregnancy and felt extremely normal. I had no symptoms of a period either (like I always do) so I shouldn't have been checking every 5 minutes and getting disappointed when there was nothing there. I shouldn't have been panicking at all!
Oh and also, I was stressing about something other than my period that didn't help at all. I resolved that problem at night and the next morning, my period came! Crazy right? Moral of the story; don't stress guys!!! Take a HPT if you need to but don't allow the stress to consume you. Good luck! :)