So Recently a new couple bought the house across the street from us. They've watched my kids a couple times when I have to go on a call with the PD, and our kids play together. Well we got dumped on for snow a few days ago and I came out to my car being cleaned off and the wipers up.... I had no clue who did it! Well that day I tried shoveling but I'm pregnant and also have had back surgery so it's very difficult/painful for me to do, so my husband posted if any of his friends could help out shoveling while he's out of town working. Our neighbor, commented that he's more than happy to and he had cleaned off my car that morning for me 😊 Well I just was woken up to him shoveling a pathway to my car since it snowed again last night and he cleaned my car off again! 
I am so thankful to have such wonderful neighbors!!!! As a gift, should I buy them something? Should I make them some blueberry-lemon bread as a thank you for their kindness? Wait til Christmas? What should I do???