Feeling nervous, prayers for a healthy baby.


I am 8w2d today... this was the day when we saw our first child on ultrasound in July. Everything looked good, heartbeat was strong, but sometime in the next week we lost our child. I found out at what was supposed my 12 wks ultrasound and miscarried on the day I would have been 13 wks.

We are now pregnant again, it is exciting but also full of worry. As I realized that today I am at the point we saw our dear "Gummy Bear", Taylor and then lost within the next week, I broke down. We have our first appt next Monday at 9wks, I can't wait but I'm also nervous, what if it happens again? I'm not sure I could get through it again.

All this to ask for prayers that this baby is healthy and survives. The next few weeks might be the most nerve wrecking for me.