advice please !

Okay so me and my hunny have been ttc since we got married basically which will be 2 years Dec. 8 . ☺️ 
Okay so my husband is currently going to a police academy , he should be graduating February. And lately he's been telling me that it's not time to have a baby and stuff which really brings me down because I want to have another baby . 😕 my first just turned 3 so I think this is the perfect time . This past time o had my period when I finished about 3 days after I had heavy spotting . Like not too much to where I had to wear a pad. Then on the 3rd day of spotting I was discharging brownish . That's when I though I might be pregnant . Now these past couple weeks I've been feeling sooooo weird . I have this weird taste in my mouth and well crazy headaches . I don't know what to think I had my first baby when I was 16 years old and well now in 21 and I feel like everything I feel is a pregnancy symptom . I took a pregnancy test last night and it was a clear negative but I seen it this morning again and there was a super faint like . Maybe I seen it too soon ? Is there still a chance where I can be . Then again I don't know if my hubby would be happy since he told me it's not time ? 😕 what do you guys think ?