fiancé rant sesh

I'm so conflicted. I keep crying on and off since last night. Yesterday I finally submitted my master's thesis and was Super excited to celebrate. He had made other plans to go out with friends and I told him not to cancel them. He said he would only go out for a few beers and would come home early so we could celebrate. He left at 6 and didn't get home until 12:45. When he came in he tried waking me up and I was kinda nasty cause HELLO sleeping is hard enough plus I was annoyed I was strung along and he came home having like 5 beers and I never even got a text saying he was gonna be late and goodnight. So this morning we got in this huge fight where he called me a retard and a dumb bitch cause I'm so emotional and I should just go fucking cry somewhere else. I'm always making him feel like a bad guy and he's never gonna stop going out and if 12:45 is really late and a problem to me that I have another thing coming. Then he was all I had such a great night and you just ruined us. We need to talk later I might not be staying here anymore. Don't blame your emotions on the pregnancy YOU were the one who wanted to get pregnant. And I'm just so fucking hurt. Like we have a good life and he was being so hurtful. I didn't even over react, I said I hate when you blow me off and stay out late with out a simple text. And he was all you're never gonna get that, I don't care or think about you when I'm out without you. We don't need to be doing things together all the time. I was never a cryer and we both would go out a lot together pre pregnancy and ever since it's like the end of the world. I wanna just scream at him and say HELLO while you're out spending $$ having fun with your friends I'm at home cleaning, doing work, cooking all after working all day. Fucking respect me and appreciate me a little bit. But his response would be, yeah and that's what you're gonna be doing the rest of our or maybe now your life. You're a mom now, you'll be cooking and cleaning and home and I'll still be going out.