food stamps

no judgment please. I'm seven months pregnant and I'm having a really hard time finding a job that will hire me because of this so as of right now I've just been kind of helping my mom at her job and in return she's been helping keep my bills. I wanted to use it as a last resort and i don't plan to stay on them for very long, just until I have the baby and am back on my feet. all my paperwork must have looked good, they immediately gave me an interview for food stamps tomorrow at 2pm and I'm just curious if any of you mamas are on food stamps and if you can tell me how the process works? being that i don't have an income right now I should be eligible, right?
also, my boyfriend and I each pay rent for a house and DFCS allowed me to just use my income alone because of this! they let my mother write up a letter saying she's taking care of my bills at the moment being I haven't been able to find employment!