how are you coping with work & morning sickness?

I work in Mcdonalds (not the best job I know, but better than nothing!), anyway as you can imagine it's really busy and non-stop. On Thursday I was sick a couple of times and was sent home, I stayed off on Friday because I was really bad. I luckily had sat/sun off and I just went into work today to start my shift, I was sick every 15 minutes for 3 hours, completely blacked out and then only had partial vision for half an hour (like when you get a migraine). Anyway it was obvious I wasn't well so I told my manager I thought I might be pregnant , she let me come home since I was obviously too bad to work so I've just text her to tell her I've confirmed I am pregnant.
But j seriously don't know how I can work like this. I need my job and we need the money, I don't get paid for sickness as it's 0 hours contract. What do I do?? Help? :'(
What are your solutions, how do you cope? 
I've just been so sick for about a week now