he wants me to buy him an expensive gift.

My boyfriend and I have broken up because we both have insane jealousy problems. We still like eachother so much. We recently gotten back to seeing eachother. He got really mad when he found out that I bought this guy that took me out a couple times timberlands($180) and a watch($100). He's getting me a Michael Kors bag.Let me add in that he invited me over for Christmas <a href="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glow.android.eve">Eve</a> and I met his whole family. My ex never got to introduce me to his family because he goes to college and I only see him when his family isn't there. Now he wants me to only give him one or not even give him anything at all. He said that because it seems like I'm buying people that don't matter to me big things. Now he doesn't want me wasting my money on people but then says he doesn't want me getting him something that he wanted before and he wants $400-500 shoes. I was trying to look for second hand but he keeps asking me if I ordered them. He asked everyone he could on where he can find these shoes online because they're so rare. He reminds me every ten minutes about looking up the shoes. I'm starting to feel that he cares about me getting him these shoes than us getting back together. I still like him so much and since we broke up about 2 months ago I would always find myself thinking of him.  Am I overreacting or is it true it's not fair that I'm giving this guy I don't like a big present. I want a guy to spoil me, not the other way around.