So happy but had to give alot up .

Samantha • mother of an angel and ttc of our rainbowbaby

Dear baby ,

I am currently 4 wks pregnant with you today and don't get me wrong we are so excited to have you come home . But Mommy & Daddy just had to give you a safe place to stay . So mommy had to quit smoking for you and her. Even though she loved the taste of them she knows you don't . Both of them were so excited to get here that . Youll be there for thier wedding, and In mommy's belly. So make sure mommy can fit her wedding dress please lol . She tries to eat healthy even though an occasional donut or ice cream comes home with her and daddy . Plus daddy won't smoke around mommy because he doesn't Want you to smell it either . Mommy just wishes daddy would quit too but give him time . You will love your new room too baby . Oh and by the way sorry for eating all the spicy foods too baby but thats all momma wants with you . Anyway I'll see you in 9 months little one .

Mommy and daddy love you so much !!!