I have an odd question

There are actually multiple questions but you need a background first. I'm a white American Muslim. In my junior year, I wore a hijab. On my Instagram I posted a few pictures of myself (it was private) and I spread love. Someone took a picture I posted and changed the caption to say a vile comment which was highly degrading and... hateful. The caption read: I condon ISIS. WHAT??? How??? Nooo. Every day since (this was a year or two ago for reference) I have been scared because that picture then circulated around Twitter. Long forgotten to all but me. I live with this horror, never post pictures of my face, never wear hijab. How will this effect my future job (RN)? How will this effect me under Trump? A school resource center woman said not to worry, so did my therapist... but how can I trust them? I've taken evaluations and mentally I am sane and safe but will society see it that way? As a hobby I want to make a YouTube video to inform about feminine health, but will that cause issue with this? I'm so scared. Sorry to make this religious, I don't think this is the place for any religion, but I have no where else to go.