Claudia • Claudia Paniagua
Before I start trust me this will be long so grab some snacks and enjoy...🖤
The love of my life, the man I tough will be the father of my kids. He is not anymore and will never be. It was December 20 when he ask me to be his girlsfriend and I said YES ( let's be clear and say that it was a long distance relationship) it was all good we had a really good communication during the day and at night we will FaceTime and talk until one of us couldn't talk anymore. I loved him in short time he said he loved me too so I was the happiest women on this earth, then one year went by and I visited him, those where the best vacations ever... when I got back home I don't know why I felt so insecure about him about his loyalty, and I started stalking him then I found out he was in a relationship when he ask me to be his girl, and during 6 more month he continued that relationship, I felt like I was dying inside me and I couldn't breath, I confronted him and he admitted what he has done... we gave each other some time (a week) 
And then I  worked on trusting him again. 
One year went by and we where fine and mother passed and it was ok... now I'm here with him and I asked him for his phone and he said no you will go crazy if you see my texts, that's when I realized I couldn't be with him he is just not loving me the way I love him. My flight back to where I live is on January 14 and I'm just waiting to leave I already told him that after I'm gone he will never see me again and he cried and ask me not to but I couldn't anymore. 
I love him but I can't keep up with him, he's the man I wanted the man I'll give my life for and do anything for him but I can't, not anymore. 🖤