AF inflicts her revenge.

Anna E
Well my doctor asked me to come in after my 2WW for a blood pregnancy test. I was excited because I thought I finally did it, I'm finally pregnant. At about 6pm last night I went to the restroom and after I wiped, I broke down to my knees in tears for hours. My fiancée came home and found me on the couch a teary mess. I told him what happened. He told me to wait for the blood test, it's probably implantation bleeding. So I took his advice. Today my doctor did the test and examined my cervix. The bleeding got heavier. She told me the good news is it's not a miscarriage. The bad news is my cervix showed it was my regular period. I was again crushed. I didn't have a period for two whole months and now when I was positive it was because a growing life was in me. Why does my body hate me so much? I hate my lazy uterus. Why is this so hard for me? Why can't I get pregnant?😭😭😭