Spotting but too soon for implantation right? Bbt 98.2

Rea Rose👽💏 • ThatHouseQueen
So this happened. I have a 26 day cycle on average. Only one fallopian tube and ovary due to a misdiagnosed ectopic preg last jan.... We lost our daughter faeryn earlier this year at around 16-18 weeks gestation. Then had another miscarriage after, my cycles are finally getting regular. I have weak cervix as well, both of my earth side children (mmc before them and 1 still birth from unbiblical knot) were born 8.5 weeks early and I took progesterone shots weekly with them after 16 weeks....and had them exactly 10 months apart. 🙊🙈 .... I left my abusive severely abusive ex husband of 7 years almost 2.5 years ago when my ds was just 6 months old... I moved across country and started over back in my home state and eventually fell back into a wonderful relationship with my first love/hs sweet heart who also had gone through rough aeoerarionw.... Fast forward..We just want just one it two more to finish our blended family, and it's been so hard. I'm thankful for my babies... I love them to death. I just wonder if it will ever happen again now that I have my true life partner and our shit together. :(