Need advice

So I've been dating this guy that i meet while working, about 3 to 4 months later i found out he was married and i wanted to stop seeing him but i was already too madly in love with him n he had told me he was going to leave his wife... He even showed me the divorce papers so i decided to wait and see where we would be but till this day he still lives with her, its already been 2yrs later and unfortunately last year i was pregnant from him but had a miscarriage... After losing our child i tried to stay away from him since he was still married but he always begs me to stay with him n even when i don't call or text him, he starts texting or calling... He tells me everything about his days that go by, he takes pics with me, he even allows me to go thru his phone n that he hasnt even been sleeping with his wife but idk what i should do... Should i stop talking to him or do i wait a lil longer to see where we get?..