Here's my BFP story..

Hi ladies!! 
Long post ahead!!
When I was in my dreaded two week wait I used to loved reading posts about what ladies did differently the month the conceived or there symptoms etc so now that I was lucky enough to get my bfp I thought I'd do one! Hope it's helpful 😀
It's only our second month trying so we are extremely blessed and lucky to get pregnant so soon. I had a bad accident a few months ago and spent a lot of time in hospital and bed rest which was awful so I feel after that horrrible thing happening this is my good thing! 
The first month I relied on glow to track my ovulation, second month I used ovulation kits and glow was 4/5 days off. I have 34 day cycles and ovulated on cd21. 
We used the SMEP method( google it). 
I drank fertility tea and ate pineapple after ovulation. I also made my husband eat Brazil nuts. I happened to eat a lot of avocado that month too! 
I tried not to symptom spot and track like crazy. I did use opks again from 6dpo(unreliable for pregnancy I know but I couldn't help it)and they started gettting darker from about 10dpo until they were blazing positive the day I got my bfp.
I had some cramps/twinges and got a lot wetter down there(sorry TMI). A piercing I had randomly got infected too! And I got a little moody. 
But that's about it really!! Oh plus I never have/had any discharge. Like none! So don't stress if you don't. 
Hope you enjoyed reading my post!! 
Baby dust and good luck to all 💕