should I tell my coworker I like him?

Meghan • Baby girl April 2020 🍼💕🎀🧸
So I've been working with this guy for 6 months and we've gotten really close and are constantly joking around. He seems to like me, he waits for me to walk out to my car, he buys me drinks from the cafeteria and we just talk and have good conversation. But I messed up and accepted a date from this loser guy my friend wanted to set me up with and he found out. Now he's acting more distant and isn't texting me like he used to. He still walks to my car and buys drinks for me but he is distant and cancelled plans we had to hang out. Did I completely fuck up with him or is there still hope for me to approach him about how I feel? 
I know it was stupid to accept the date from my friend and the guy was horrible and insulted me when I told him I wasn't interested in him. 
I have had feelings for the coworker for 3months now and I feel like he liked me too but now I'm not sure. 
Should I tell him I have feelings for him or keep quiet?